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Serving @ SJC

At SJC we’re a family and we believe that if we all pull together we can get lots achieved and nobody has to do too much. Getting involved is real fun and a great place to make new friends. As you’ll see there are lots of opportunities to match the skills and time that you are able to give.

If you feel you’d like to get involved, please do get in contact!

Serving at our gatherings

To read the Bible, or be part of one of our hosting teams (either welcoming people or providing refreshments) during services from time to time contact  Training will be provided.

Worship Team Ministry

Worship Team: Sound and Visuals

Each week, St John’s services are attended by over 200 people with often three services in the Church on a Sunday.  One of those services is livestreamed and all require sound and visuals to enable worship.  As a function of worship, the Sound and Visuals are crucial.

Both sound and vision are partly about enabling others to see and hear what’s going on, but most importantly to enhance everyone’s ability to worship by delivering a professional audio/visual experience whether in the room or online.  The array of lights, sliders, buttons and equipment can look intimidating, but it’s been designed to be straightforward so that anyone can do it, once trained!

Presently, we are running the Sound and Visuals on a skeleton team and we need more help.  Full training and support will be given.  

We need multiple volunteers.  Please contact Ruth Ellam, Jo Roberts or Ewan Darby to find out more.

Worship Team: Musicians and Singers

We have an amazing team of musicians and singers who lead sung worship in our services on a Sunday, ranging from the more traditional hymns at our 9am service, through to the contemporary bands at 10:30 and 6:30pm. 

If you play an instrument, or are confident singing (and particularly if you can harmonise), then it would be great to have a chat with you about how you might be involved!  We always need more talented people to fill out our bands, and so to lead the congregation in sung worship!

If you have a heart for sung worship, but are not ‘musical’, then you can still be involved in the Worship Team – have a look at the advert for helping with Sound and Visuals!

Please contact Ruth Ellam to find out more.  We also have ‘jam nights’ at intervals throughout the year that anyone can come along to and have a go at playing /singing – keep an eye out in the weekly newsletter.

Children’s, Youth and Family Ministry

If you are interested in any of these opportunities then please get in contact with Clare

Sunday morning children and youth groups

During our 10:30am service the groups for 0-14s need adults who enjoy spending time with children or young people. Our vision is that these groups will help children and youth to develop a faith that lasts their life time. The children and young people need adults who are able to listen to their stories, the highs and lows of their weeks and take an interest in them. We are looking for people willing to lead sessions, with the programme provided, as well as those happy to assist. Team members are asked to commit to being involved at least one Sunday per month. As part of our safer recruitment, volunteers will need to complete a short application form and a DBS check.


Are you available weekly (or regularly) on Tuesday mornings from 9am-12.30pm? Are you willing to listen and offer encouragement to parents and carers with babies and toddlers? Or are you able to make teas and coffees? Then we would love you to join the Refresh team.

Messy Church

This monthly Sunday afternoon event needs team members who are able to help families to enjoy the crafts and activities that are on offer. Whilst you show them what they need to do they’ll be opportunities to chat with families and help them to feel part of the wider St John’s Church family. All the materials needed will be provided along with an explanation of the craft or activity you are supervising.

Families at 4

This new event for pre-school families happens on the third Sunday of every month, during the afternoon, and is aimed at families we have met through Refresh or others with under 5s. We provide activities for the children and need team who are able to encourage and support children and parents to get involved and to feel welcomed. If you enjoy a good chat, having fun or making things then there is definitely a role for you here!


Mid-week Ministry


We have been praying and reflecting on how we can reach out to the broader community and believe we have been given an amazing opportunity.  St John’s is partnering with Colchester Borough Council to distribute recycling materials from the Community Centre, Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-12pm.  Items include recycling bags, food caddies, roadside bins and glass recycling boxes.

The conservative estimate is 100 people each week are coming to the Church and Community Centre who would never normally do so, and this is a fabulous opportunity to meet people, be receptive to the Holy Spirit and to what he wants to say to them.  They also need to be given recycling materials!

Our preference is to have multiple volunteers.  Please contact Jo Roberts or Ewan Darby in the office to find out more.

Pastoral Care

For those who have a pastoral heart for others and want to be more involved. This could be coming alongside people at different life stages who may be facing some challenges or being part of a group visiting people in Care homes. Support and training is available. It may also be helpful to read the Support page on the Church web site.

For conversations and more information please see Mary Anthony. (Pastoral Assistant and Pastoral Coordinator).  Or, email

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