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Communities are the place to ‘feel like you belong’ at SJC. These communities are where you’re known and grown as a follower of Jesus, meeting regularly to do life, church and pray together. Each community serves a local area or a group of people, whilst studying the Bible in discipleship groups and meeting socially to build friendships. Take a look at some of our SJC Communities below, ask a friend which one they belong to or contact the office outlining the community you’d like to be invited to! Enjoy!


A community for families. Reaching out and supporting those with kids, both pre-school and school-aged.

We have 2 small groups within our community.

One which is for ladies – it runs fortnightly on a Wednesday at 7.30pm in our houses.

Our second group runs weekly on a Wednesday at 8pm in the leaders (Dan and Lucie Lovell) house which is in Wivenhoe.


A group of working women, who meet fortnightly on Tuesday evenings, exploring faith through creativity, sharing lives, joining with God’s purposes, and supporting each other through prayer and practical help.

Uplifted meet once a fortnight on a    Tuesday evening       8-9.30pm usually at the vicarage


We are a mixed age group who, through weekly bible study and prayer, create a supportive place of sanctuary.

We meet in people’s homes or via Zoom (mixture of the two).

Weekly on a Wednesday evening starting at 8pm – 10pm.


A group of guys from church who live busy lives, and take time out to meet socially, sometimes in a pub, or for a meal, to discuss life and build relationships around our Christian faith.


We are a community for young adults. We meet to share our lives together as we gather socially, around the Bible and pray for each other.

We meet every week on a Thursday night at 7:30pm. Meeting in a local home.


A community that meets for friendship, worship and bible study, that loves to organise social and fundraising events for the community and beyond.

We meet weekly on Thursday evenings at 8pm – 9:20pm via Zoom for a Bible study. About once every 6wks we try to meet up in person at one of our homes for breakfast and a prayer time 9:30 am – 11am.


A mix of singles and couples who are mostly, but not exclusively, 50+, who all have a passion for God’s Word. Who enjoy regular social gatherings, which always include food!

We meet in people’s houses. There is only one group meeting regularly once a fortnight on Wednesday evenings.

Open House Hospitality

A community for family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Inviting them to share a meal and build relationships. Who doesn’t like a bit of food?

We meet once a month, currently on a Wednesday evening at 7pm. We meet in each others homes for a shared meal and a discussion question followed by compline.


A community reaching out to those from abroad, students, mature students and others locally. A group of mixed ages, all who have a heart for serving.

We meet during school term times, every Tuesday morning 10:30am – 12pm. No meetings during school holidays.

Held in various members homes but at the moment we are holding our meetings via Zoom.

Thursday Generation

A long-standing, well established community that reaches out to and serves the local, predominantly over 60’s, we welcome anyone for whom the cluster would be appropriate.

Meeting on Thursdays throughout the month with a variety of activities.

Please check out the Thursday Generation page for more details.


A community of all ages responding to the climate and other environmental emergencies in worship, study and action.  We welcome anyone who would like to join us in this whether or not they currently attend SJC, please email Pauline Scott for more details.  We also have a FB group – St John’s Colchester Eco Group – for sharing ideas and discussion.

We meet the first Tuesday at 8pm to plan and on the 3rd Tuesday for either bible study or an eco awareness evening (both open to anyone) on zoom at 8pm.

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