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Garden Community
This page consists of:
  1. Background to the new Garden Community
  2. How we would like you to help
  3. How to access the consultation questionnaire
1. Background to the new Garden Community

Over the next thirty years, a new Garden Community will be created on the Tendring Colchester Border. The Tendring Colchester Borders Garden Community is a joint project between Tendring District Council, Colchester Borough Council, and Essex County Council. The garden community principles can be seen on the engagement website

This community will eventually feature between 7,000 and 9,000 homes, as well as employment spaces to accommodate new businesses and jobs. There will be a new link road between the A120 and A133 and a new Rapid Transit System for new and existing residents. The link road will be built before any housing.  There will also be buffer zones to separate the new community from the surrounding communities of Greenstead, Wivenhoe and Elmstead.  The community will need to include all the services and facilities that people will need, including new nurseries, primary and secondary schools, health facilities, and community facilities, including sports and leisure. It will need to be carefully designed to fit in to the existing landscape, protecting the things that are important, whilst also providing new and improved green spaces, parks, and areas for play.  We are expecting the building to commence in 2024.

A baseline report setting out progress with the plans, plus reports from the consultations that have already taken place, are available on the engagement website

The draft development plan is accessible on 14 Mar-25 Apr 2022 and this is an important six-week window for comments to be made. 

We have a Local Churches Stakeholder Group, chaired by Andy Sachs, that has been engaging with those developing the plans over the last few years.  This group is working towards planting a new worshipping community in the garden community as well as looking to see the new community be a wonderful place for residents to live.   A retired priest, Pauline Scott, is a member of the Community Liaison Group as well as the Local Churches Stakeholder Group, and as such is a link person as the plans develop.

2. How we would like you to help:

Please can you join us in engaging positively with the planning consultation on behalf of our new garden community neighbours and the creation of this new community? We would like to see a new church started within this new community, and the garden community itself designed so that those who live in it might flourish.  

Please have a look at our aspirations for the new garden community below and think about how you can communicate in your own words the following key themes: 

  1. Designing the new Garden Community so that it is a great place to live and flourish by allowing for:
  • Buffer zones to surrounding settlements – recognising concerns of our current communitiesincluding no building on the Colchester side of the ridge that is parallel to the Colchester border and planting trees/rewilding areas in the search area that are not due to be built on.
  • Environment & climate change – Preserving and expanding the current natural spaces for everyone to enjoy (including maximising the space given to the country park), enhancing biodiversity, buildings that are carbon-neutral, good walkways and cycleways, good public transport links. 
  • Affordable housing – desperate need for affordable, high quality rented properties. 
  • Infrastructure timing – schools, medical, community spaces etc need to be delivered early to prevent pressure on surrounding communities and allow the new community to start well. 
  • Community spaces – to build a community there needs to be flexible, high-quality spaces to meet. 
  1. Making it clear that the Garden Community will require a community centre building within one of the new community hubs and that the local C of E church has wide experience of assisting in the running of community centres to serve the wider community, both in paid and voluntary capacities. This community centre could also be used as a place of worship and a focal point for the community.
  1. A new worshipping community using a community centre can foster wellbeing and flourishing in the Garden Community. Please consider why you would like there to be a Christian community and make these benefits clear in your questionnaire. These benefits might include:
  • Experience in running community groups for all ages 
  • An army of those wishing to serve their new community and respond swiftly to local needs 
  • A worshipping community that’s accessible and welcoming to all 
  • Creating communities of kindness and care for one another, celebrating all life stages 
  • Being involved in running a community centre 
  • Experience of working in multiple partnerships and a variety of stakeholder groups  
3. How to access the consultation questionnaire

Please open the webpage and complete the consultation questionnaire in your own words using the information above.

Thank you so much for your assistance in the public consultation. Please join us in praying for the development of this new Garden Community. 

Yours in Christ, 

Rev. Andy Sachs (on behalf of the Local Churches Stakeholder Group) 


More information is available atHOME – Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community (

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