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Children & Youth

All children, young people and families are welcome to join us, to have fun and learn more about God.

What happens at St. John’s on a Sunday:

The vision of our Sunday groups is to support children and young people to develop their own faith in God that will last their whole lives.

10.30 am Service

We have children’s and youth groups for 0-14s.

We’ll all start the service together in the church and after a short time we will go to our different groups in the Community Centre with a group for 0-2s in church.

In each group there will be time to play games, have a drink and biscuit and explore the Bible story using play, craft, stories, drama, construction or chat. All of our leaders have been safely recruited and they enjoy chatting and listening to children and young people.

For families planning on attending regularly we ask parents/carers to complete a registration form for each child so that we are aware of emergency contact details and any special needs.

Explore Together All-age Services

On the second Sunday of most months we all stay in church for an Explore Together service which aims to help us all learn from God and each other. We believe it is important for us to regularly worship and learn together. It is a mix of worship, prayer and Bible stories as well as a time where everyone can choose to explore the Bible story at different zones that suit the way they like to learn. Zones include a Busy Zone for those who like to do things with their hands, Chat Zone for those who enjoy talking to others and a Listening Zone for people who like to hear a talk.

6.30pm Service

Our evening service is now every Sunday and is open to everyone but in our planning we have a focus on older youth and young adults.

After the evening service our youth group for 14-18s meets in church for cake, snacks, games, Bible thoughts and chat.

Also on Sundays:

On Sunday afternoons we have a range of regular events happening for families in our Community Centre between 4.00-5.30pm. All of them include a buffet sandwich tea.

 Messy Church Рeach month we explore a Bible story through craft, construction, games, prayer activities, stories and song. Messy Church welcomes everyone but is particularly suitable for families with primary aged children. Find out more details and future dates on our Messy Church page.

Families at 4 Рis a monthly event for families with pre-school aged children or those in reception. It is a mix of free play, sensory activities, making and games. We gather together for a short time of story and song.  For details and dates look at our Pre-school Families page.

Kaleidoscope – a monthly event for SEND children and young people and their families. You can choose from craft, sensory activities, games, football and more and then we come together for a short story from the Bible. Find more details and dates on our Kaleidoscope page.

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