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These weekends are an opportunity for us to make a difference and impact our wider community, because that is what Jesus does.

We look to serve those in our Community on our Serve weekends and we put on lots of great events to invite people to on our Invite weekends.

If you’re in an SJC community, please look for ways that your community could serve, as well as ways that other communities can serve, so that we can make an impact for Christ by serving, inviting and loving those around us for those weekends!

Saturday 20th April

As part of the last Impact Weekend it has been arranged with Friars Grove School on Saturday 20th April that we would go and help with some general maintenance. 6 people ended up volunteering their time and got to work! The pond was re-lined and filled, additional clearance of ground around the pond to give the school children easier access, bike shed given a shampoo (yep) and clean and the main entrance steps/ramp cleared of weeds and brushed clean – and we rehoused a family of 10 or so newts!

Our Next Impact Weekend 

Friday 5th July – Sunday 7th July

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