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These weekends are an opportunity for us to make a difference and impact our wider community, because that is what Jesus does.

We look to serve those in our Community on our Serve weekends and we put on lots of great events to invite people to on our Invite weekends.

If you’re in an SJC community, please look for ways that your community could serve, as well as ways that other communities can serve, so that we can make an impact for Christ by serving, inviting and loving those around us for those weekends!

Saturday 2nd March 2024

Our next Impact day will be Saturday 2nd March.

As we continue to look for opportunities to engage with, support, serve and build relationships with people both outside and within St John’s Church, can we ask if you aware of a need that we can consider as part of the days activities, as well as how you can help, which may be alongside others from your Community.

At this stage please contact the Office in relation to this.

We will look to list opportunities on the SJC website over the coming weeks, which already include Friars Grove School and the Community Fridge project.

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