Clusters Screen


SJC Clusters are our primary place of belonging where we learn and develop our lives. A Cluster is a group of people that meet regularly to do church, to outreach to the local area or group of people, to study the bible in small home groups and to meet socially to build those important friendships. Click on the links to some of our clusters below, maybe there is one that you might want to be part of...

Young Families - An established cluster for young families. Reaching out and supporting those with kids who haven't started school.

Primary School Families - A new cluster reaching out to families with primary school, aged children in the town and surrounding area.

Gen X - A group for women meeting twice a month, sharing food, friendship and time out from juggling busy lives.

Mens - A new cluster for men, to build those important relationships with other like minded chaps.

Connect - We are passionate about reaching to young adults. We meet to share in life together as we gather socially, around the Bible and pray for each other.

Lighthouse - A cluster that meets for friendship, worship and bible study, that loves to organise social and fundraising events for the community and beyond.

Oasis - A cluster that are a mix of singles and couples who are mostly, but not exclusively, 50+, who all have a passion for God’s Word. Who enjoy social gatherings all together, which include food and refreshments.

Outrageous Hospitality - A cluster for family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Inviting them to share a meal and build relationships. Who doesn't like a bit of food?

International - A cluster reaching out to Internationals, students, mature students and others locally. A group of mixed ages, all who have a heart for serving.

Thursday Generation - A long standing wells established cluster that reaches out to and serves the local, predominantly, over 60's. Welcoming anyone whom the cluster would be appropriate for.