A bit about us...

Gathering on Sundays
We gather on Sundays to ‘fix our eyes UP on Jesus’ and to worship him. We receive relevant teaching and encouragement, which enables us to grow in faith and resources us to live life to the full. There are always opportunities to receive prayer during our gatherings and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Meeting in Discipleship Groups
Our longing is that everyone at SJC has a group IN which to belong. These groups make up ‘Clusters’and are where we grow as disciples, explore the bible, support, pray and share life together. These groups meet in people’s homes, weekly or fortnightly, in the day or evening.
Living out our faith
Our discipleship groups are grouped into clusters (12-70 people), each around a common aim- to transform the lives of a particular group of people by being proactive in loving and serving them. This is where our faith is lived OUT. These diverse clusters are a great place to invite friends and family who might not have experienced church.
Prayer at SJC
Prayer is key to the life of SJC with gatherings to pray each week as well as in our cluster and discipleship groups.
Resourcing Church
SJC is a resourcing church with a vision to use its buildings and facilities to serve the community and beyond.