500 Smiles - Romania Shoeboxes

This Christmas we want to put smiles on the faces of 500 poverty-stricken children in central Romania. We are sending shoeboxes full of presents to children whose families live in abject poverty. For them, buying Christmas presents is not an option... St John’s Church has established a link with the community of Apalina; the most socially disadvantaged ethnic minority in Romania.
Sending a shoebox of presents is a way to show these families that someone is thinking and caring about them. A small group from St John’s will go to the community and help distribute the boxes to the families.

Filling a shoebox couldn't be simpler. We will provide the box and a list of suggestions for presents. Click here for a printable sheet. 
You can choose the age of the child your box is for and whether it’s suitable for a boy, girl or either. Including a £2 suggested donation towards the cost of sending the box will help us to reach our goal.

You can also donate items for the shoeboxes or make a donation towards the costs of sending them (don’t forget to gift aid your donation). 
Email for more details.