St. John's PCC... 

St. John's Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the primary committee involved in the running of our Church and meets about 5 times a year on weekday evenings. It consists of the vicar, churchwardens and a number of elected members. It forms an official, elected body that shares responsibility for the Parish with the vicar and provides an opportunity for parishioners to contribute to the running and direction of St. John's Church. The PCC is not simply about money or building projects. Anything and everything to do with the Church’s work may be debated. Elections for membership of the PCC are held at our Annual Vision meeting (AVM). Nomination sheets for membership of the PCC are available from the church office.  If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the PCC please talk to one of our wardens.

To be a member of the PCC, you need to be over 16, a communicant (i.e. baptised and confirmed) and listed on the electoral roll of St. John's Church.

Annual Vision Meeting (AVM)
This is our combined equivilent of an Annual meeting of parishoners (APCM) & Annual Parish Meeting (for election of church wardens).  The 2 meetings are usually held on the same evening.  

This meeting takes place on a weekday evening in March or April each year and provides an opportunity for parishioners to hear about the work of St. John's Church. Our annual accounts are presented by the Treasurer. Reports are presented by the vicar, churchwardens , sub-committees of the PCC, groups involved in the functioning of the Church such as servers, sidesmen, and by organisations affiliated to us.
Who is eligible to attend these meetings?  For the Annual Parish Meeting any member of the civil electoral roll of the civil parish, or someone on the electoral roll of the parish church can attend and vote.  
For the (APCM) Annual meeting of parishoners it is anyone on the church electoral roll of the parish church only.

Electoral Roll

This is an official list of the members of the congregation of our Church. You need to be on the electoral roll to be a member of the PCC & to attend the AVM.
If you would like an electoral roll form, please do speak to someone in the church office.

The following people are currently members of St. John's Church PCC:

Rev. Andy Sachs - Priest In Charge - Chairman    
Rev. Hannah Patton - Curate
Rev. Geoff Read - Associate Minister
Nik Read - Church Warden
Nicky Sirett - Church Warden (Lay Vice Chair)
Eve Hardman - Assitant Warden (Lay Vice Chair)
David Simcox - Treasurer
Wendy Tiffin - PCC Secretary
Dave Gentry - Diocesan/Deanery Synod
James Collitt - Deanery Synod
Dave Cornell - Deanery Synod
Hugh Ward - Deanery Synod
Celia Wells - Deanery Synod

Tony Berry
Hope Ogunmwonyi 
Joan Taylor
Mary Anthony
Deb Gant
Gary Willmott
Peter Birdseye
Matt Rollings
Alex Yates
Dave Sollis
Ben Fenner