Vibrant and Brimming over -

Our Church will be: full of life, bursting at the seams, having grown several times over, with more services taking place, new congregations planted and working in partnerships with other churches. Hundreds will be turning to Christ with tremendous transformation taking place in lives and families across the community. The Church of St John the Evangelist will be living up to its name and will need more space! Revival will be breaking out in Colchester and God’s manifest presence felt and witnessed in signs and wonders as God’s kingdom is being established in the community, the town and beyond among every generation.

Passionate and Spirit-filled

Our Church will be: a powerhouse of prayer 24/7/365 out of a longing for God’s will to be done in Colchester and the nations.  Prayerful rule of life will be core to our identity.  Our worship times will be inspiring, dynamic, and creative whilst honouring different styles, and where worshippers experience healing, encounter freedom and intimacy. New, and young musicians will be being encouraged into this high quality of ‘Spirit and truth’ worship. Prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit will be the norm for all church members wherever there is a need, with frequent testimonies of freedom, healing and transformation for the glory of God, in church and in the community.

Building and inspiring

Our Church will be: great for all the family and easily accessible, with many whole families coming to faith. Every generation will be welcomed and valued and the broken-hearted and lonely cared for with a profound sense of belonging through the small group system, pastoral support, and strong intergenerational relationships in this mixed economy church.  Communities will be being built around interests and with freedom to explore fresh expressions of church. Ministry among students and 20-30’s will be flourishing; young families’, youth and children’s ministries will have exploded and be thriving. These ministries will be integrated and effortlessly resourced and supported  with hundreds of young believers coming to church and being discipled in ‘Word and Spirit’ through dynamic links with local schools and a variety of clubs, groups and activities.  Tremendous outreach will be transforming the lives of the under 18’s as they experience the gospel, serve those in need and are trained as leaders for God’s kingdom in their schools and colleges, families and friendship groups.

Compassionate and servant-hearted

Our Church will be: a beacon to the community shining Christ. Bridges will have been built into church through provision for the needs of the community in our locality with courses and groups, and a charity dedicated to advising and supporting those in need. Partnerships will be built with local organisations and charities to support this work. The church will be serving many in the community practically, with a dedicated mission space at St John’s Parade of shops, the church will have been ‘turned inside out’.

Equipping and Empowering

With models such as ‘minster’ and ‘hub’ coined, our church campus will resource, train and equip, through a ‘school of theology and missional leadership’, empowering the wider church. Leaders will be being invested in, young leaders encouraged and congregations equipped for their frontline as missionaries at work or home. There will be mentoring, with everyone expected to participate in the mission of the church. Missionary living is encouraged and mobilised through St John’s both locally and abroad, with fifty percent of the church having been on short term mission and fifteen link partners supported.

Shaping and Sustaining

There will be appropriate human resource provision for different ministry areas requiring multiple staff and interns and a suitable structure to enable the administration of our church, all assisted by over half of the church volunteering their time and talents. There will be abundant financial provision and extravagant giving away, the church will be debt free! Unity among diverse groupsand congregations will be bound by clear values and reinforced with relevant and intentional communications. Vision and strategy will be simple and understood, with a desire ‘to do and give our best for God’ permeating the service of our community, our work, our worship, our hospitality, our buildings, our relationships and our use of technology, all for the glory of God.