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New Wine Discipleship Year - Interns
Full Time - Includes Training Day and Placement (closes Aug 2018)

The Discipleship Year is all about growing as disciples of Jesus for a life of adventure with him. During this year you’ll be equipped, empowered and encouraged to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Our aim is that by the end of the year you will be a ‘disciple-making disciple’ serving Jesus and his Kingdom with the whole of your life for the whole of your life. 

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New Wine Discipleship Year - Hub Coordinator
Part time - 16 hours per week (closes 26th Mar 2018)


St John's Church, Colchester, is a medium sized charismatic evangelical New Wine Anglican Church with an exciting vision for the next five years. Vital to the realization of this vision is the appointment of a committed Christian to the permanent role of Hub Coordinator
  • Coordinate weekly training for all regional interns including syllabus, guest speakers, mission trip and facilitation of group attendance to wider New Wine Discipleship year (DY) events 
  • Liaise with placements ensuring placement agreements are met by both placement and intern during recruitment and throughout the year.
  • Oversee interns during weekly training day, including discipleship development and pastoral care (communicating any concerns with placements)
  • Involvement in the wider life of St Johns Church Colchester

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Dave Gentry, 12/03/2018